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Constraint Analysis

Are you ready to really find out what to do to increase your sales?

What Will a Constraint Analysis Do For You?

In marketing and sales, everything you do should ultimately result in revenue growth. You run advertisements to position your product or company ... so that readers will buy it. You have a direct sales force to consultatively reach potential customers ... so they can buy from you. You built a sophisticated website so that visitors could easily shop ... and buy. You offer samples and other inducements to get target customers to try it ... then buy it. And so on. Whatever marketing/sales activities you are currently focusing on, the ultimate end game is to drive up revenues. It's not about spending more money, it's about refocusing your investments where they will do you the most good.

Value ThruPut Accelerators is a family of constraint analysis services that shows you how to grow revenue by accelerating your marketing/sales efforts. One makes your overall marketing system more effective (Sales ThruPut Accelerator). Another focuses on your customer service productivity (Customer Service ThruPut Accelerator). And yet another helps you understand the positioning that customers perceive you have (Positioning ThruPut Accelerator). Each addresses a separate aspect of marketing/sales; all are focused on showing you what to do to increase revenues.

While each Value ThruPut Accelerator addresses a different aspect of your overall marketing/sales system, what you get for any ThruPut Accelerator has the same format and structure:

  • An analysis of your existing situation including a MacroMap documenting strengths, weaknesses and areas where resources should shift to address weaknesses
  • Comments on system-wide issues that impact your group's performance and ability to generate desired results
  • Three specific Recommendations that will remove obstacles, improve performance and throughput, optimize resources ... and ultimately show you how to grow revenues

We use sophisticated modeling techniques and structured analytical tools ... all applied to show you what to do to grow your sales revenues.

Each Value ThruPut Accelerator is a stand-alone unit focused on a specific topic or function, and designed to recommend actions that will allow for revenue growth. As a member of the Value ThruPut Accelerator family, they are based on well-proven modeling and analytical techniques that allow them to be used in various combinations. Some clients use them sequentially, tackling one area at a time, while others use them in parallel addressing larger system-wide issues. Currently, Customer Manufacturing Group offers many ThruPut Accelerators and can create one specifically for your needs as well. Examples of popular versions include:

  • Sales ThruPut Accelerator Accelerator for increasing revenue
  • New Product Launch ThruPut Accelerator for New Product Launch Effectiveness
  • Marketing Communications ThruPut Accelerator for Marcom Performance
  • Customer Service ThruPut Accelerator for Customer Service
  • Customer Loyalty ThruPut Accelerator for Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty
  • Positioning ThruPut Accelerator for Market Positioning Effectiveness

If you have a specific need not covered by the current list, please be in touch as we are adding new ThruPut Accelerators.

To learn more about your constraints to increased sales you can read Sales ThruPut Accelerator: Combining Our Expertise & Your Experience To Accelerate Sales Growth

If you would like to know about how we would approach your specific needs, you can call us or send an e-mail to info@customermfg.com

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