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The Best Use of the CEO's Time

This month we are providing an insightful video on where we think CEOs should spend their time to get the most value for their company.


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Customer Manufacturing Update
June 2015

Dear Mitchell,


Here is your June Customer Manufacturing Update

This month's "paper" is actually a video. Ralph Mroz has provided thoughts on where and how a CEO should spend his/her time to gain the most benefit for the company.

We think you'll find this 10 minute video well worth your time. Your feedback on the video is appreciated.
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Many of you have a copy of one or more of our three books: It's Not Rocket Science; The Secret To Selling More; and Value Acceleration.


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What Is Marketing Anyway?


Classic question, usually answered with a focus on the back-end of Marketing, namely promotion, advertising, brand awareness, etc. Even Al Ries, who we admire a lot, fell victim to this thinking in a recent article.


He says CEOs value innovation more than they value marketing. He fails to accept that Marketing (not just Marketing Communications efforts, which we call marketing with a small "m") has a significant responsibility in innovation and new product success. Getting the product "right" and positioning it properly are Marketing's critical contribution.


The cited article has lots of good stuff in it about the best product not always winning, but the best product positioned properly is tough to beat. That is Marketing's total responsibility.


Too many companies abdicate the product development partnership role of Marketing and we believe this directly results in the high failure rate of new products.


R&D cannot be left to their own devices when specifying new products, and asking Sales what new products should be results in chasing yesterday's winners. Marketing must drive this effort and focus innovation where it will offer the appropriate return. And then, of course, they have to position things well.


As we have said for many years, and describe in our book, Value Acceleration, Marketing is the source of competitive advantage in today's world. And, as we enter the so-called Age of the Consumer/Customer, who better than Marketing to make sure your company knows how to think like a customer, rather than just hoping the customer thinks like you.



Language Matters and Other Matters


The medical clinic one of us uses, which is quite large, has been on an alleged customer-centric focus for several years. The employees are supposedly measured on customer satisfaction, though they have no idea how it is measured or really how they affect it. Mismanagement 101.


When one of his family needs to see a doctor at the clinic they have a co-pay, except when they don't. Who knows how it works. When the clinic asks for the co-pay he pays it. When they don't he doesn't.


Recently he got a check in the mail from the clinic for a co-pay refund. The language accompanying the check was enlightening. The letter stated that he had overpaid his co-pay and the clinic was sending him a check. His mistake, they were fixing it.


The reality is, he makes a co-payment when asked for one. So, accurately, the letter should have stated they mistakenly charged a co-pay, which they were sorry to have done and were now refunding the money.


Language matters, especially if you are allegedly customer-centric. 


Maybe This Explains Why Management Fads Gain Traction


We've often wondered why management fads seem to gain so much traction despite the evidence, over decades, that they rarely ever work or help.


Then we ran across this quote from Peter Drucker, which answered the question.


"Thinking is very hard work. And management fashions are a wonderful substitute for thinking."



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Mitchell Goozé


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