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High impact experts for your meeting or event.

Two of Customer Manufacturing Group's principals, Mitchell Goozé and Jeff Krawitz regularly deliver professional presentations for clients, associations, conferences, and other situations. Topics typically revolve around marketing, sales, customer service, innovation, and strategy; the talks can be configured as a keynote, featured or expert speaker, or discussion leader, depending on your specific needs and goals.
Some of the titles that we have presented to others in the recent past include:

    21st Century Marketing: How Technology has Changed Marketing Fundamentals
    Major League Marketing: Playing to Win
    Marketing Tactics You Can Use To Increase Sales...Now
    Leveraging Your Brand
    Managing For Innovation
    Integrating Direct and e-Marketing Into Your Sales Channels
    Creating and Keeping Customers
    Customer-Centric Marketing
    Customer Manufacturing: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
    Effective Selling: Using Who/What Profiles to Increase Sales
    Secrets To New Product/Service Success
    Price Obstacles: Selling At Higher Prices Than The Competition
    Integrated Marketing
    Marketing From the Inside Out
    Using Marketing to Optimize Customer Value

If these or related topics are of interest to your company or association, please e-mail Professional Speaker Information.

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