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Improving your marketing/sales results using proven process management methods.

Our clients vary in size and industry but share one common goal: to gain a sustainable competitive advantage through the use of new management methods.

If you are ready to apply proven process management to any aspect of marketing or sales, or the entire integrated process, we can help. If you are a division or department manager of a Global 1000 company, or the CEO or VP of Marketing or Sales for a mid-sized company, we are experts at the application of process management to marketing and sales, the next breakthrough management methodology.

If your initiative is driven by accountability, ROI, Six Sigma, Lean Thinking or any other process management method, we understand how to successfully apply these practices to marketing and sales. Even more, we know how to help you integrate them into a global marketing/sales process.


If you are a functional manager within a larger organization (marketing, sales, brand management, product management, marketing communications, etc.) and are ready to meet the accountability challenge, we can help.

We understand that your department/function's ability to achieve the desired results is really a process issue. We can help you solve foundational problems as well as assist you in improving your department's or function's results in a sustainable and continuously improving way.

If this is a Six Sigma driven initiative, or just a need to be more accountable, we know how to help you get the results you need and assure you keep getting them.

Business Units

If you are responsible for results beyond your span of control, you're not alone. This is one of the key issues faced by business units, within an enterprise: you may not have direct control over the entire marketing or sales process, and yet you are dependent on the performance of other organizations to achieve your results.

The value of a process approach to improving performance is that we can assist you in finding the right ways to get the accountability you need from the other organizations while at the same time improving the results from your own organization.

The Entire Enterprise

If you are responsible for the entire business, you know that the demand side of your business (marketing/sales) is critical. You may already have built an effective supply-side organization and you are now ready to take your demand-side to a new performance level.

We can help you know what to work on first. You'll find our methods, such as constraint analysis, are remarkably similar to those that were used on your company's supply-side processes. If you are using Six Sigma, Lean Thinking or any other process management initiative, our methods will fit seamlessly into your overall framework.

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