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Customer Manufacturing Updates
About ten times a year, we issue a new white paper (essay) on marketing/sales related topics that we believe you'll find interesting and valuable. They come to you as Customer Manufacturing Updates. Past issues of our white papers are available in the White Papers section.

The newly issued papers are not available on the site for at least six months after they are released as an Update, so if you want the latest papers, subscribing to the Updates is how you get them. (We will not provide your email address to anyone else, ever, period).

In addition to the new white paper, each Update includes short articles and commentary on current issues related to marketing/sales.

White Papers/Articles/Essays
We publish new white papers (essays) to this site approximately 10 times per year. The latest ones are available six months before they are posted on this site by signing up for a free subscription to Customer Manufacturing Updates using the button in the left column. You can review the previously published papers by topic area. You can download for free any of the white papers of interest to you. All of these white papers are provided in pdf format.

Case Studies
If you'd like to read about some real-world examples of how our methods helped companies improve their marketing/sales results you can download case studies that discuss our work with real companies.

Podcasts, Videos, and Other Downloads
If you'd like to listen to or watch interviews and other podcasts, you can download them free.

Quotations From Others We Like
While we do not claim to be a repository of business quotes (our good friend Bud Carter gets our vote for that honor), we have found some quotes we think are particularly relevant to marketing, sales, customer service, strategy or process that we post here to share with you.

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