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Looking from the Outside In

What does it take for a company to be truly customer-centric or outside-in oriented?

Experience reveals several obstacles conspire to prevent companies from becoming truly customer-centric. Our work helps our customers overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from being as successful as they could be with a customer-centric approachobstaclesobtacles include:

  • A situational belief in being customer-centric: A claim to be customer-centric, but a reality that says this is true only when it suits
  • Failure to agree on what is meant by customer: Internal customers and channel partners among other "proxy customers" are often confused with actual customers, preventing a true customer-centric approach
  • Business processes that are designed for internal efficiency at the expense of customer-centricity: first be effective (customer-centric) then be efficient
  • Ineffective or insufficient voice-of-the-customer collection processes
  • Not recognizing that the entire customer experience requires a customer-centric approach and that brand experience and customer experience are not the same thing.

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